Place ink ribbon


  1. Slide the black ribbon spindle into a roll of ink ribbon.
  2. Open the label printer with the green buttons on the sides.
  3. Open the black ink ribbon cover at the bottom of the top cover.
  4. Place the ink ribbon here with the yellow side to the left.
    Import: first attach the right side.
  5. Now open the black cover on the top cover.
  6. Slide a black ribbon spindle into a cardboard core.
  7. Place the black ribbon spindle with a waste roll here.
  8. Pull the ink ribbon along the print head and attach it to the waste roll.
    For example with a piece of adhesive tape.
  9. Optional: check with a label or piece of tape whether the ink is on the outside.
  10. Close both black covers and then the cover of the label printer.